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Executive Director, Connecticut
Nate Snow joined Teach For America as a 2007 Connecticut corps member, teaching seventh and eighth grade English in the Bridgeport Public Schools. He has served as the region's Executive Director since 2011.
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Connecticut 2011
Manager, Hartford Classroom Impact
Vice President, Program Impact
Connecticut 2010
Director, Secondary Education
Connecticut 2011
Director, New Haven Program
Baltimore 2000
Director, New Haven Program & Alumni Teacher Leadership
Connecticut 2008
Managing Director, Alternate Route to Certification Program
Connecticut 2011
Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Colorado 2008
Managing Director, Institutional Advancement
Connecticut 2013
Manager, Bridgeport School & Community Impact
Connecticut 2012
Director, Development
Connecticut 2012
Director, Data & Research
Rhode Island 2014
Manager, Program Operations
Connecticut 2012
Manager, Hartford Engagement
Phoenix 2009
Senior Managing Director, Program
Connecticut 2010
Director, Elementary Education
Director, Institutional Advancement
Miami–Dade 2010
Managing Director, Hartford Program
Manager, Marketing, Development & AmeriCorps
Los Angeles 2006
Regional Director, LEE (Leaders for Educational Equity)
Connecticut 2011
Director, Hartford School & Community Impact
Manager, Bridgeport School & Community Impact
Connecticut 2014
Manager, New Haven Classroom Impact
Jacksonville 2008
Director, Bridgeport Program

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