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Since Connecticut’s founding, our state has led innovation in government, culture, industry and education. From our nation’s first law school to the first academy in New England for African American women, and the America School for the Deaf, Connecticut’s champions to expand access to education have historically been a source of pride and leadership.

Still, educational inequity remains a problem in Connecticut. In 2015, only 21% of students in low-income schools met or exceeded expectations in math, and in reading, the numbers weren’t much higher at 38%. As a statewide community, we are not delivering on our promise to give all students an excellent education.

Parents, community members, non-profit organizations, and schools in Connecticut have cried out at the injustice of educational inequity and are committed to addressing it in significant ways. These dedicated champions have been and continue to be integral to our partnership with the communities of Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, and Windham where we contribute to efforts to expand excellent educational opportunities for all students.

Today more than 630 of our alumni contribute to long-term leadership in classrooms, in school and district leadership, in non-profits, and across sectors to influence positive progress toward our state’s promise of excellent educational access in under-resourced schools and communities.

A growing number of examples prove that when students’ needs are supported and they are held to high expectations, all students have the potential to succeed. With our school communities, we want to help lead and build tremendous urgency to ensure that these examples are no longer the exception, but the rule.


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